What if I just NEED cake?

Maintaining a special diet is exhausting and there is bound to be a time you are tempted to splurge. Or you may have your baby shower or Christmas to work around. While it would be ideal to avoid these temptations here are some tips if you are going to have something ‘extra’:

  • Downsize: Instead of a slice of cake go for a cupcake or better still a mini-cupcake.
  • Share: split a friand with a friend.
  • Skip the icing: choose a plain cookie/biscuit instead.
  • Reduce the carbs: have a scoop of gelato in a cup instead of a cone.
  • Avoid the super rich ice-creams: Instead of a Magnum or Cornetto, have a Heart, a Dixie Cup or a Paddle Pop instead.
  • A few squares of good quality chocolate can go a long way occasionally.

And if sweet stuff isn’t your thing:

  • Try salsa, fresh hummus or tzatziki dips with some vegetable sticks. That way you could also squeeze in some tasty cheddar with wholegrain crackers so you’re getting a serve of dairy in there too.
  • A small bag of popcorn which has a heap less fat than a bag of chips.