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Questions for your first appointment with a diabetes educator

Written by Lisa Taylor, Founder & Writer of GestationalDiabetesRecipes.com Last updated July 2014 So you’ve just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM) and you haven’t had your first appointment with your diabetes educator or dietitian yet. Arriving at that appointment … Continue reading

Gestational Diabetes & Exercise

Gestational Diabetes and Exercise

Written by Christine Armarego, Accredited Australian Exercise Physiologist and Manager of The Glucose Club & Lisa Taylor, Founder & Writer, GestationalDiabetesRecipes.com There are many benefits of exercise during pregnancy, as you’ll read below. But one of the best things is … Continue reading

It's all about a can-eat attitude this festive season!

It’s all about a can-eat attitude this festive season!

Written by Lisa Taylor, Writer & Founder of GestationalDiabetesRecipes.com For many, Christmas is a time of tradition. Like ‘traditionally’ someone will get thrown into the pool at our Christmas lunch. And someone will ‘traditionally’ eat more than his or her … Continue reading