Can’t fit all the food in?

Some women find it difficult to get used to having regular snacks as well as their meals. Many women were actually having more carbohydrate before, although it didn’t seem like it, because it was in high carb drinks and unnecessary sugars which they are now avoiding. If you are feeling full then try using your snacks to fit in your fruit requirement (2-3 pieces per day) and your dairy (3 serves per day). Don’t always look for the low carb options as you also need to make sure you are eating enough. Protein and non-starchy vegetables may fill you up and don’t cause problems with your glucose levels, but you and your baby need a certain amount of carbs. Be sure that you are eating adequate carbs regularly. Headache, tiredness, hunger, irritability and nausea can all be signs that you are not eating enough carbohydrate. (See ‘ketones’ in our Glossary section.)